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Published on June 30th, 2016 | by Cody Robbins


//Review – The Shallows

By Cody Robbins

*Possible Spoilers*

Ok we get it, you have fancy editing software and you also probably saved a lot of money by shooting in one location so you invested the savings in a digital Great White and realeased it during the epicness which is Shark Week. But really Sony, I was better off watching Jaws 3D on VHS.
Now I could dive into my vast shark knowledge and point out the inaccuracies but lets just focus on Blake Lively’s cleavage and booty because that is a good portion of the movie. If you take 50% National Geographic cinematography 25% Baywatch and 25% 127 Hours and you pretty much have The Shallows

3 out of 10.

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