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Published on June 18th, 2016 | by Robert Franklin


//Review – Finding Dory

Ah, the memories… 2003 felt like… thirteen years ago.
Finding Nemo was such a perfect movie and for some reason, now, they feel like it was time to add a sequel.
This time around it’s about Dory and her journey to find her parents… and her wacky adventure!
There are new characters and a few memorable ones returning for the sequel.

I’ve gotta admit that Disney / Pixar loves sequels.
Toy Story has three movies, Monsters Inc. has two movies, and Cars has two (and a third on the way).
When I first heard about this movie, I was kind of like “…hmm… wasn’t Nemo a while ago? ok.”
This gap in time and sequels put me in a weird but excited mood….
It could be that I got older? This works pretty well with Toy Story because those characters aged with the sequels, whereas Finding Dory takes place not long after Finding Nemo.
So all those characters haven’t aged at all, Nemo is still a kid, Marlin is the same age, the stingray is still singing and teaching… etc…

Going into the movie I expected a TON of out of control little tykes, yelling and screaming about sugar… running up and down the aisles… one kid ruling them all with a conch shell.
But it wasn’t all that bad, probably because we went to an early screening of the movie, most of the parents kept their kids in check… there were a few that kept kicking my seat.
I was amused whenever I’d see those posts on Facebook about “take your kids to the movie next week”, “let us older fans, the ones who remember the original movie, enjoy the movie first” posts.
But I don’t really think this movie NEEDS the first movie to be successful, in fact, I think relying on the first movie would’ve been detrimental to the story and this movie tried pretty darn hard to get out of Nemo territory as fast as it could, they event took shortcuts in story telling to ensure that.

They also made things a little too convenient for our characters through out the movie and it sorta pulled me out of the story and I left me feeling like… they didn’t really think this through…
There is also this big action sequence at the end that felt a little too ‘Saturday morning / straight to dvd’ for me.

But it was a fun journey.
Hank The Septopus is funny (Ed O’Neil), and there are some clever scenes that make Finding Dory memorable and push it into that top Pixar echelon.

I’m pretty sure your kid and your inner kid will enjoy the heck out of it.
I liked it!

*oh, the opening animated short Piper is pretty darn amazing… and very cute.

//Review – Finding Dory Robert Franklin

+ Heartfelt
+ Very FUN
- Too convenient


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