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Published on May 12th, 2016 | by Cody Robbins


//Cosplay – Steffie Monster

Cosplay profile – Steffie Monster
By Cody Robbins


Steffie Monster hails from Kingman, AZ and for over a decade this talented cosplayer has been honing her skills on and off the convention court.
Finding Cosplay more than a hobby at the age of 14, Steffie Monster attended Star Wars Episode III movie premiere in costume.
Steffie Monster has gone from a midnight movie premiere to being highlighted on the San Diego Comic Con front page, watch as our hero finds herself growing as an artist and an individual.

“Goku is this fun loving over grown child and in ways I’m the same way.” Steffie Monster says when talking about how she chooses which characters to portray, “Silk looks out for herself and does what she kinda wants to. Tinkerbell, one I just finished, I love her personality and she is so sassy and I am sassy, so I embodied her very well. When I do my Poison Ivy – that I’m working on now – I wish I was this sexy girl that can make any man go crazy but in reality I’m an awkward person that is just a big goofball.”

A veteran in her craft, Steffie Monster has rubbed off on those close to her, “Being a geek runs deep in my family and cosplay brings us, as a family, closer together. My dad is 61 and just did his first cosplay with my sister and I at FanX SLC.” (Seen as Red Skull in the pictures below)
You know what they say, “a family that cosplays together, stays together.”
With no plans of stopping, Steffie Monster has an ever-growing line-up of planned personas. “Poison ivy, Spider-Girl, Black Cat, Superior Gwen, Wonder Woman, Speedy, Elsa, Lady Deadpool. The list goes on and on.”

Each step forward is a step in the creative direction as she creates each outfit. “I am a bargain shopper, so I work on cosplays when pieces go on sale. My Goku is designed and sewn by me. My Black Cat, I bought the black body suit but I’ll be sewing the fabric and fur onto it. I am making the frames to my newest ‘Gwen’ suit and the face shell, so it just all depends on what I cosplay. If I know I can make it, I do.”

Trekking convention to convention, our high spirited hero finds herself on a journey to Phoenix, “I’m really excited for Phoenix Comic-Con because I’ll get to meet some of my favorite cosplayers that have become my friends, like BBoySpiderman he is amazing and so funny, he is friends with my boyfriend so it will be nice to meet him. A few other friends are coming as well, so I’m super excited to go as a group and meet them in person.”

So if you love meeting your hero be sure to be at the next ‘Con’ and most likely you will bump into someone to fanboy/girl over.
If you are curious about starting cosplay, Steffie Monster may be able to be your sherpa up the summit of Cosplay Mountain. “Never feel like a cosplayer is too famous to reach out to for help. Because a lot of us are more than willing to answer questions.” She says about encouraging future cosplayers. “Start out slow, don’t go crazy and expect a million followers ASAP. Your followers are what make you famous and I personally reply to anyone that messages me as long as they are respectful.”
Don’t be afraid to take that first step into your first persona, cause Steffie Monster is here to save the day!

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