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Published on April 29th, 2016 | by Staff


//Cosplay – Matt Burrows

Cosplay profile – Matt Burrows aka ‘Spider-Matt’
By Cody Robbins

From the distant isles of the UK comes a cosplayer with skills ranging across the multi-verse!
Matt Burrows, a (now Arizona based) web slinging, arrow shooting, vibranium shield wielding, friendly neighborhood cosplayer has taken giants leaps forward over the last few years.
With an appearance to the nerd holy grounds that is the San Diego Comic-Con under his spidey tights, this young web head is growing each day and with great power comes great responsibility!
Swinging from conventions to classrooms, our young hero celebrates the art of portraying heroes with young fans. “My favorite thing I’ve done so far was visiting a day care dressed as Spider-Man and spending time with all the kids in their classrooms.” We can imagine these kids excitement meeting their hero! probably just about as much excitement that Spider-Matt had when he met his hero Stan Lee!

With a name like ‘Spider-Matt’ you won’t have much trouble figuring out who his favorite persona is, but like many cosplayers, he has a list of characters that grows with each convention.
“I have a few lined up! Which includes: Charles Xavier (X-men First Class), The Flash (CW’s the Flash), Foxas (Kingdom Hearts), and the 10 Doctor (Doctor Who).”
But adding personas to the list also means more costumes to make and Matt likes to add some personal flair to pre-made costumes in addition to their props.
Matt’s primary alter ego is Spider-Man, so I asked if he was excited to see Spider-Man in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. “Spidey is my all-time hero and favorite Marvel character, seeing him brought home to Marvel and to be a part of this movie is amazing! Reading the comics you know they couldn’t do this movie without him! I will definitely be cosplaying at the premiere! My suit is on its way!”

Matt had some advice to future cosplay heroes “The best advice I can give is – do it! Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. If you love a character and want to portray that character, then don’t let anyone stop you from showing your love for your fandom! Cosplay is all about enjoying yourself and sharing your experiences with others.”

Spoken like a true hero!

If you would like to meet Matt in one of his many forms, you can find him at this year’s Phoenix Comic-Con!
Facebook: www.facebook.com/spidermatt091
Instagram: @spidermatt091

Photos courtesy of Matt Burrows ‘Spider-Matt’




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