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Published on June 13th, 2015 | by Robert Franklin


//Review – Jurassic World

Director: Colin Trevorrow
Writer: Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Derek Connolly, Colin Trevorrow
Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt

[Que John Williams – although he didn’t work on Jurassic World, Michael Giacchino did]

Anywho, I’ll keep it short.Aaaaaaand we’re back in the land of dinos, and the fourth installment… er… I mean, the second installment?

Colin Trevorrow kind of has a few films under his belt, his most recognizable being 2012’s Safety Not Guaranteed and it was pretty “indie” at that.
So, going into JW I was pretty reserved when I sat down in my 4th row seat (we saw the 3D version).
After Googling Trevorrow I was able to add to what I’ve read on Facebook over the last few days and I’ve come to find that Trevorrow is in good company.
Jurassic World has Steven Spielberg as a producer (who had final cut) and Trevorrow also brought in a team of his friends from previous movies to work with as well (people who worked on safety not guaranteed, planet of the apes flicks – the cooler new ones).
So there wasn’t any real ‘red flags’ popping up for me.

HOWEVER… and since i don’t like spoiler-ing movies, i’ll keep it vague.

It was entertaining. It was fun. It was worth the $10 3D price. The story was pretty ‘hollywood’.

Here are my bullet points:

  • Amblin Logo (cool)
  • Horror Elements (some parts felt like Alien)
  • When did the little kid from Iron Man 3 grow up? he’s surrounded by 80’s stuff… hipster much?
  • Bigger Louder – Indominus Rex? (haha, Namor? Imperious Rex!!)
  • That guy is like Ian Malcom and Hammond merged together
  • She is rockin’ those heels in dis jungle
  • Good… I’m not a fan of tourists
  • Jurassic Park Shirt
  • Jurassic Park Ringtone… is that a MIDI?
  • Stiff Company Woman and Fun Cool Guy (wow, very original!)
  • Bryce Dallas Howard wants to be Captain Marvel? uh…
  • Lotta Benzos rollin’ in JW
  • They’re gonna make a killin’ slingin’ dem toys
  • Pratt walks funny in tight clothes and a little vest
  • How does her dress stay white for this long?
  • Of course he’s the only guy who can fly it
  • AHHHH!!!! RUN!!! but save the drinks!
  • A lot of little nods / relying on nostalgia (flare, “RUN!”, go get lost kids)
  • Where the heck is that Barbasol can they’ve been advertising every day for the last month?!?
  • DINO MMA! No wait, it’s a TAG TEAM!!!

All in all, it’s fun. Go see it.
But with all of Trevorrow’s bench depth… it kind of feels like they tried to recreate Jurassic Park for today’s plugged in youth.
Spielberg/Crichton did more with a glass of water than Trevorrow and Co. could do with their whole mocap’d CGI 3D-ness movie…
And I think that’s where I was let down…
There wasn’t any legitimate peril or emotion and I think that comes from story and awesome characters.
Sure, JW has alot of flashy objects to look at but… it just doesn’t leave any lasting awesomeness.

…It did inspire me to watch Jurassic Park again, maybe even The Lost World*!

*even The Lost World had that scene where they’re on that cracking glass… remember that?!

//Review – Jurassic World Robert Franklin


Summary: Loud. Blood. Action. CGI. DINOSAURS!


Out of 5

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