Phoenix Comicon 2015!

Comicon 2015

1121South went to the Phoenix Comicon!!!
This year it was massive, we planned for all FOUR days.

It was crazy, so much to do all the time!
There was barely enough time to just relax since we were bouncing from panel to panel.
Some of our favorite panels were:

  • Treat Yo Self (video on our Instagram page @1121south)
  • Marvel Vs. DC
  • Nerd Poetry Slam (which was awesome!)
  • All the artist spotlights
  • Ron Perlman
  • Walking in two worlds: Native American comic artists vs. stereotypes

Other cool things we found ourselves at:

  • Arizona Roller Derby‘s exhibition
  • The music from various bands out front
  • THE BATTLE ARENA (in the street)
  • ALL the gaming that went on

Everything we experienced was a super fun time!
Everybody there were great!
The staff, the cosplayers, attendees, panel people, booth people. everyone!

on a personal note it was very cool to see Native American peeps scattered amongst the crowd and cosplaying.
Don’t get me wrong, it was very cool to see EVERYONE but being Navajo myself and not knowing many other Navajos who share the same Comicon excitement as I do… seeing them walking around was a good thing.

2nd Night Productions put together this cool video for us!

Phoenix Comic-con 2015. Special thanks to all participants and cosplayers including. Song: A Dream Faded

Posted by 1121South on Thursday, June 4, 2015

-HUGE THANK YOU to the awesome folks at The Phoenix Comicon

Photos here and on Instagram are courtesy of Robert Franklin, Utahana Rosales, and Ashley Franklin.
Click around on the thumbnails below to navigate and see larger images.
(see more of our photos/vids on our Instagram page)

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