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Published on January 17th, 2014 | by Robert Franklin


//Interview – Jessica Sin and Albert Sloan Jr.


Flagstaff, AZ

I’m sitting in my vehicle at the Flagstaff Thorpe Dog Park.
It’s been an unusually warm winter in the 928, the snow is sparse and people are walking around in light sweaters, some in shorts. Dogs are in their small corner of the town barking and running in circles. From the view of the driver seat I wouldn’t be able to tell it was winter aside from the fact that my heater is turned up to two.

I’ve been in the parking lot for no longer than 2 minutes when I notice someone in their car to the side of me putting on their makeup using their rearview mirror.
Then almost on cue Jessica Sin opens the door and gets out. I throw together my kit, check charges and hurry to meet up with her. We start toward the hill across the street and once we reach the other side we see Albert Sloan Jr. walking through the trees setting up equipment.

When we meet up with Albert, Jessica receives instructions and the two click into business mode.
Albert takes position behind the lens and Jessica has found her mark amongst the trees, snow and rocks.
A beep, a flash of light, a shutter clicks and lots of laughing follows.




Photo by Albert Sloan Jr.– Photo by Albert Sloan –

After all is done and things are put away we come out of the trees and reach the parking lot.
We talk about a place to conduct the interview then we head to Firecreek Coffee Company in downtown Flagstaff to warm up and talk about the day.

Robert Franklin: On Facebook I’ve noticed a shift from your old pin-up photos to your newer not pin-up photos and also a Facebook post that said “I killed Jessadoll 3 months ago, I regret nothing.”
What’s goin’ on there?
Jessica Sin: Well I guess you can say I’ve been… I didn’t go emo… I just wanted something different, I wanted a change. I really like a lot of the pin-up stuff but now I want to start moving towards more risqué kinda stuff. To be more like an artist than “oh, look at me, I’m pretty” I don’t know. It’s one of those things where I’m just ready for a change.
I want to start doing a lot of different photo shoots and have a new stage name and a new everything.
I took down my website. I took down my fan page. I’m pretty much starting over.

RF: With pin-up, you kind of get put into a certain category and it seems like a lot of the ‘pin-up pose’ in those photos.
JS: Yeah, I was kind of done with it. I’ve been doing that since 2010 and I just want something new, something different, a more artistic way of doing my photos.

RF: You also have other projects that are tied to the pin-up thing, like Blue Bird Pinups.
What’s going to happen there?

JS: I’m not exactly sure yet… just because the way people see you…
Blue Bird Pinups is about giving back to the community and I don’t exactly know how they’re going to react to the new alter ego, the whole ‘good girl gone bad’ kind of stuff. Because people have always seen me as “look at her, she’s such a sweetheart” and that’s not really who I am. I want to be bad, haha!

RF: Will Blue Bird continue on?
JS: It’s going to continue on for right now because the other girls still want to do the community events and stuff, so it will still move forward. But I’m also going to be moving on with school and stuff, I don’t even know if I’m going to still be in Arizona by the fall.
If everything goes good I’m going to be making that transition.
I’ll still come back to Flagstaff and I still want to do these projects while I’m here.

RF: When doing Miss Jessadoll shoots you got to work with pin-up photographers and now with Jessica Sin will you be looking for new photographers?
JS: I don’t want to stick with my usuals but if I do there will be a different kind of look, a different kind of picture not just smiling faces and stuff. I’m hoping to work with a lot of new photographers.

RF: Today was a perfect example of the ‘new’, you did something a little bit different from your normal Jessa photo, with Albert Sloan Jr. It was cold, there was snow and a lot of dead trees.
Where did that idea come from, Albert?

Albert Sloan Jr.: I’m still sorta new to photography. I’ve been playing around with a lot of lights. It (the photo shoot) was something that I always wanted to do. When I first started getting into Photoshop I saw these composition pictures.
My friend is a photographer, she’s going to school for it, I had a little point and shoot and we were walking around with it and a list of stuff to do; reflections and stuff like that. She had a hard time with that and I took a picture and said “hey why don’t you do something like this and she said “oh I like that.” So I told her about what I always wanted to try like a tree morphing out of something, to a person and she thought I was really weird. And that’s kind of where this project came from.
I wanted to do more surreal dreamy stuff that you really can’t do unless you use mostly Photoshop.

RF: What made you think of Jessica to be the model?
AS: She’s my friend and she’s always down to try new things, she’s always showed a lot of interest in my ideas. I didn’t even notice that she changed her name until the other day when I saw an Instagram photo that said “jessicasinxoxo” for the user name. I also like the way she did her bangs, so I wanted to do something with that and the red lips. To do a more darker picture and it all just kinda worked out with the new Jessica Sin.
JS: I really like to work with Albert because he has a vision and he doesn’t just throw you in there he tells you how he wants it to look and the whole concept, everything he thinks about for these photos it’s really cool.

RF: When we got out there, you had everything all planned and setup. Is that the way you normally approach a photo shoot?
AS: Well this is the first time I did that. The other ones I just… I like to watch people. That’s how I take pictures sometimes. I just tell them to do something and when I see it I just snap the picture.
Sometimes I got something in my head how I want it to look but then when I’m there… a lot of it is spontaneous. Like that one Jessa and I did with the flowers, we didn’t know where we were gonna go we just drove until we found a cool spot. I like to just watch, move around and take pictures.

RF: Do you think you’ll ever do a First Friday here?
AS: I don’t know, we’ll see. I’ve been invited to do something in Phoenix but if I do I want there to be a theme to my photos, right now I have models, landscapes, and my son. It’s not really what I want to ‘show’.

RF: Jessica, is Jessica Sin is the new name?
JS: Everybody knows me as Jessa but that’s not my real name, my name is Jessica. Before, I’ve never liked being called Jessica but now I might as well use my real name but add Sin to the end of it and since everything is going to be me. I’m really excited.

RF: Is there a new website?
JS: I’m relaunching everything. I’m going to be working Donovan Seschillie, we’ll be doing teaser videos and stuff. It’s going to be different, a lot different than what everybody is used to seeing me do.
We’ll be doing a lot of stuff together.

RF: Have you received any backlash? Like, “where’d Jessadoll go!?”
JS: A lot of people are like “what happened?”, “you’re not going to model anymore?”
I’ve kept it all hush hush until now. I’m making that transition, building up to re-launching my website and everything. I don’t really know how it’s going to go but I’m really hoping it turns out really well because I’ve spent three years building my portfolio, a lot of money and a lot of time put into it.
I just want to do something different and be who I’m comfortable with instead of worrying about what other people think about me.

RF: Well it sounds like there will be a really interesting Facebook feed coming in the next couple of months.

You can follow Jessica Sin at her website: http://www.jessicasinxoxo.com
Contact her via E-mail at: Jessicasinxoxo@gmail.com

You can follow Albert Sloan on:
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/albertsloanphotography

Location Photos by Robert Eugene Franklin.
Finished Jessica Sin Photo by Albert Sloan Jr.

Additional Photos: 





















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