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Published on December 16th, 2013 | by Robert Franklin


//Interview – Daddy Long Legs (Philadelphia, PA)

Every once in a while we, here in the office, stumble across some very talented artists… AND every once in a while we get the chance to do an interview with them.
Daddy Long Legs is a 3 piece band that hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In an e-mail correspondence we exchanged questions and answers with guitarist/vocalist Marcus Kitchen, where we got to know a little more about the band we’ve spent the last two weeks listening to.


Wanna take some time to introduce yourselves?
Daddy Long Legs is Marcus Kitchen on guitars and vocals, Scott Haldeman on percussion, and Rich Oppenheimer plays bass/rhythm guitar.


How did Daddy Long Legs get started? What’s the DLL Origin Story?
We all know one another from as far back as middle school.  Marcus and Scott had both been in separate bands for a short time following high school graduation.  After Marcus got back from college in Florida, he and Scott started what would be DLL as a two piece.  Rich joined shortly after and we’ve been playing together ever since.


I read on your Facebook Page and Bandcamp that you consider yourselves “mostly weird rock from Philadelphia”
What is ‘weird rock’?
I (marcus) wrote that because I just don’t like the sound of the word “indie.” I’m not sure, its hard to say what weird rock is.  I think ultimately it just sounded like an accurate way to describe our voice as a group.


You all just released your new album in October, Goodnite Badnite and I also noticed that you also had just released another album, Fruit Flies, earlier this year. 
On Goodnite Badnite there seems to be more of a rock/blues vibe while Fruit Flies seems to be more on the dreamy side. 
Marcus had recorded several albums on his own before getting together with Scott and Rich. Those past albums had more of a dream-vibe for sure, and the last of that came over into “Fruit Flies.”
When we began what would be “Goodnite Badnite” we were becoming closer as a unit and the sound just migrated to something stronger, more definitive.


Where do you guys find the time? recording / mixing / mastering, even getting everyone all together at the same space and time can be a bit of a process.
Finding the time isn’t so hard when you love it. I (marcus) have spent many sleepless nights mixing and mastering these tracks.


Where does all this inspiration / motivation come from?
The inspiration comes constantly. From friends, family, news, other art, etc. LIFE is the inspiration.


Who came up with the album artwork for Goodnite Badnite? it goes really well with the overall vibe of the album. 
Good story about the album artwork.  Marcus does paintings on the side and had done most of the album art for all previous works.  He decided that the whole thing should become more of a group effort.  J. Boland is an artist that Marcus became fond of after seeing some really great collage work on the internet.  We asked. He provided a few collages, and the one we liked most is the cover. It turned out great!


What is the music scene like out there in Philly? 
The music scene in Philly is diverse, to say the least.
I’ve been to 1 or 2 punk shows out west. The enthusiasm is always fantastic.  The whole folk throwback thing is taking over in a big way too. There are definitely a few groups making big things happen in that realm.


Any plans to tour? 
We’ve wanted to tour for a while, but for now I don’t think we all have the time or money.


Well, you all should come out to the desert sometime.
I’m sure we’d have no problem getting you a gig and a place to crash here in AZ. 

I know I would LOVE to visit AZ!!


What’s on the horizon for DLL? new album? vids? projects? 
For now, we’re gigging steadily. I (Marcus) am working on new songs, but they’re sort of independent from what I’d like to put into the next DLL album. I’m also working on a screenplay, but we’ll see how that goes!


Thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions!
Thanks again for the interview.


Marcus Kitchen


Photo: Robert Kelley


Photo: Robert Kelley


Photo: Robert Kelley


Photo: Robert Kelley

All photos by Robert Kelley

Daddy Long Legs can be found online at:
Website: http://www.dllband.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Daddylonglegs101
Bandcamp: http://daddylongleg.bandcamp.com

Be sure to check out their new album Goodnite Badnite available on Bandcamp!

Daddy Long Legs - Goodnite Badnite

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