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Published on February 20th, 2013 | by Staff


Vision Quest (part two) by Andrew Morales

Part 4 of an ongoing series written by Andrew Morales.

Vision Quest: Part 2

When you enter into Mexico by car, there are a few things you need before you are allowed to cruise around the country.
There is an area between the border line and 10 miles south called the Border Zone. This area allows you to drive your US car without any Mexican documentation.
If you want to go past the Border Zone, your vehicle needs to have Mexican car insurance (not Geico) and a Temporary Import Permit. These documents can be easily purchased at various locations around both borders.

After I watched the sunset, I made my way to a local flea market down the road to buy a few knick knacks for a girl I was seeing at the time. It was there I meet a Man who was selling mini guitars at one of the stands.
The Man could tell right away from my appearance that I was not from the city. He began asking general information about me and why I was in Mexico.
I told him my purpose for being in his county and my plans to get the permits to drive deeper into Mexico.
It was then that the Man told me it was not wise to do so.

Although Mexico is fairly safe, there are a few dangers that one needs to be cautious about.
The Man selling mini guitars warned me about road blocks set up by the Mexican Cartel outside the major border cities in order to steal your car or money.
He also warned me about the hazards of the Tijuana nightlife and that I should be careful of who I talk to in the clubs. The Man told me that there are people in the night clubs who like to kidnap “Gringos.” They do it by using cute ladies or men to know more about you and what you are worth. When they feel like they can get some money out of you, they kidnap you. It’s through Facebook that these kidnappers ask for ransom from your friends and family.

Needless to say, this made me nervous.

I thanked the Man for the warning and bought one of his mini guitars.
After I left the market, I decided to postpone buying my permits until the next day. I needed to think things over and consider all the risks involved.
Feeling a bit freaked out, I opted to spend the night at a hotel in San Diego than in Tijuana. I felt more comfortable about planning the details of my quest on my own turf.

The following morning I was decided that I was going to spend the whole day in and around Tijuana.
The Man at the market scared me enough that I felt it was ill of me to put my beloved car in jeopardy by traveling deeper south.
I was at peace with the decision and felt I didn’t need to push my luck any further. There was plenty of things for me to do and I barely cracked the surface of this unique place.





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