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Published on November 27th, 2012 | by Robert Franklin


Vagabond Gods EP

Photo Courtesy of Eyesic Photography

Vagabond Gods – EP
Vocals/Guitar – Bryant Vazquez
Drums – Chris Vazquez

Now a days Robert is the guy behind a computer listening to indie jams…
tapping his feet…

Very rarely/hardly ever does a band come along that conjures up Robert from 2000-2007.
The Robert who would throw his body into a pit, come out sweaty with his voice shot to hell and sporting a few fresh bruises, then turn around to go back for more.

Enter Vagabond GodsĀ and their freshly released EP:

I’ve been listening to this pretty much non-stop at several different volumes.
Low volume in the morning to get the day rolling.
Medium Volume when i’m sitting in an empty restaurant at work.
and SUPER LOUD when i’m driving around town.
With each listen, more and more, i find myself coming out with a voice shot to hell and a little sweaty… then I push repeat.

Northern Arizona’s Vagabond Gods, Bryant and Chris Vazquez not only showcase well crafted music but each display a commanding use of their talents forged over years of playing in several different bands, from death metal to coffee shop acoustic.
The brothers Vazquez finally give us a peek at what they’re capable of and you can be sure that this is only the beginning.

I highly suggest heading over to their BandCamp site to pick up a copy and give them a listen.
I dare say… think Zeppelin and Deftones… with teeth.
Sharp teeth.

Tracks to Check Out:
Sour Mash.
Yeah Yeah.
Hell, all of them.

Vagabond Gods are packin’ guns in a knife fight.
Watch your back Arizona.


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