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Published on March 7th, 2012 | by Robert Franklin


Rapid Fire Review // Act of Valor // Robert Franklin


Rapid fire review time!

I’ve spent the past few days writing paper after paper and all the while, trying to figure out my “voice” while staring at 4-5 pages of different types of essays…

So, when I finally had an afternoon off of work and school…
and 30 bucks in my account… (utahana did pay for the movie. she offered! i bought drinks/popcorn)
I jumped at the chance to watch a movie.

That movie ended up being Act of Valor.

Yeah, yeah…
I’ve already read/heard all sorts of “reviews” about this one.
Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 29% on its Tomatometer thing.

Act of Valor did have a pretty big opening weekend, bringing in just under 30 mill.
I figure a movie that started out as a training vid, then turned into a documentary, and then became a movie featuring actual SEALs and live rounds… couldn’t be all that bad and definitely worth seeing in a theater.

If you do decide to see this movie and also decide to read reviews beforehand…
just keep in mind that:

1. These are actual SEALs and not actors.
-I mean, in real life… are seals waiting for comedic timing? Or dramatic pause? All while processing every little bit of incoming fire and situations? Sure, it is a “movie” but come on… they are soldiers not actors.

2. The story is pretty straight forward and basic, considering that it started out as 2 different “films” before becoming an actual “movie”
– So, there is some predictability here but… who cares? It’s the tactics/tech that are being displayed and carried out by actual SEAL teams… stuff that Hollywood still has yet to perfect.

3. Live rounds were used in this movie.
– It adds so much more… you’re kinda trained to believe that most gun fire and explosions are in some way or in whole… CGI. Not so much in Act of Valor.
“…they train how they operate, that means, using live bullets.”

But knowing those points before walking into this movie should let you enjoy it a lot more.
Leave your “OMG, they are not actors!” mentality at the door (they really don’t do an awful job and it kinda/sorta helps that they keep their “acting” scenes to a minimum and leave the acting to Roselyn Sanchez).

Right out of the gate you’ll notice that Act of Valor is definitely aware of it’s audience.
Incorporating FPS (first person shooter) type camera angles, that won’t cause motion sickness and also the bio graphic for each squad member felt very ‘character selection screen’.

And yes… the ending sorta made me get all misty eyed.

Oh, and real quick before I wrap this up…
why is it on every movie that has a bad dude and a boat…
there is always some scantily clad lady just… hanging out?

I wonder what kind of life choices that lady made to be ‘the girl’ on the boat.
Hot chicks… they have it so easy.
Just slap on a bikini and you could end up on a smuggler’s boat… that will eventually get boarded by SEALs and everyone around you killed.

Act of Valor
6.5 out of 10 (definitely worth a full-priced ticket)

*Much respect to the armed forces… i mean, i’m just a guy who sits at a computer and takes photos from time to time… those in the armed forces… Damn Few.

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