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Published on December 30th, 2011 | by Robert Franklin


Utahana’s 2011 Soundtrack


by Utahana Rosales

These are the albums that shaped this past year for me and are still in heavy rotation on my playlists.

So welcome to my highly eclectic collection of 2011



10. Jay-Z Kanye West- Watch the Throne

I threw this in here because I like the way it makes me feel, this album is always in the same playlist that MosDef, and Common are in. I feel so hardcore, so legit hearing this album and knowing the lyrics to Niggas in Paris. Laugh all you want, you know you want to be ‘hood’ once and a while.




9. Death Cab for Cutie- Codes and Keys

This album only really made this list because of the song Underneath the Sycamore, I feel all the songs feel the same way but Underneath the Sycamore represents it the best.




8 The Roots- Undun

The Roots, I can’t not have them on here, they are rightfully legendary. I might have a huge bias because I feel they can’t do no wrong. Double negative intended. This album struck me because of the symphony outline of it, genius!




7. Max Bemix and The Painful Splits

I’m a huge fan of the band Say Anything. So when the front man came out with this side project I was elated. My favorite sound is rough cuts – the little “imperfections” you hear – when they leave in the count into the music, or someone accidentally dropping something in the background and the track Little Star – I swoon over this song.




6. Local Natives- Gorilla Manor

The song Airplanes made this album for me, I honestly can’t get enough. The rest of the songs are a perfect accompaniment, it all blends flawlessly. Gorilla Manor is perfect for the times when you don’t know what to listen to, I always put this on when I’m with friends.




5. Maxence Cyrin- Novo Piano

Need to sleep? Need to study? or just relax? Play this over and over and over.



4. Them Savages- Sun and Sea

This was an album that made my father think I was “cool“, and that is a little bit of a big deal to me. I think this album played for about two months straight.  Now a new song that hasn’t been released yet is Pretty Little Thief and it has taken over my iPhone… amazing.




3. The Black Keys- Brothers

This was an album I was excited to share with my mom and dad. I knew they would love the bluesy, rock sound, this was probably the first album I could listen to in the car with my mom without feeling like I’m exposing to her to the sounds of the “youngsters” and their “noise”.




2. At the Drive-in – Vaya

This year was a rediscovery of At the Drive-In. When I first heard ATDI, I admit, I wasn’t really impressed. Then a few years later, I found Vaya and I haven’t stopped listening to it yet – it is my morning music, my traveling music. The last three songs are my favorites, Metronome Arthritis, 300 mhz and 198d – a perfect trio of songs.




1. Adele- 21

I know, pretty generic, this album is probably on every ‘top albums of the year’ out there on the web and it’s there for a reason! There is no doubt I have belted out the lyrics of Rolling in the Deep and Don’t You Remember – in the safety of my car or shower, of course – a million times. 21 is just an amazing album.



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