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Published on April 24th, 2011 | by Robert Franklin


Read in Ink Vol. 1

Welcome to the very first comic… uh… spotlight?
I’d been meaning to do this a long time ago but it just never came to be.
It’s basically a quick, easy to read, ditty that shows you some things that you might be missing out on.
Especially today, where a lot of movies and TV shows are pulling their story lines straight from comic books and graphic novels. (yes. there is a difference)

Anywho, I hope you enjoy!

Here we go.
Scott Pilgrim Books:

If you haven’t seen the movie YET then i suggest reading these.
From Bryan Lee O’Malley comes Scott Pilgrim and his epic adventure.
6 books for the full story and parts that are left out of the movie.

Locke & Key:

These were a pleasant find at the new comic book store – CAB COMICS – here in Flagstaff.
It’s sorta about a family torn apart and moved to a new town and lives in a crazy family mansion.
But it’s really cool.
The art is pretty gosh darn polished and all sorts of sleek and sexy.

Batman Black and White:

It’s pretty much a celebration of all things batman… but in black and white.
It brings together several artists and writers and lets them tell batman stories.
Some stories don’t even have batman in them leaving anyone from Alfred to Two Face to get their own penned lore and killer art.
*i was excited to find that the guy who did the Batman Animated Series back in the day has a section.*

The Walking Dead:

Probably the best “comic” to TV Show to come along in a very long while and if you thought the TV series was awesome… read these… seriously.
*i think this might be able to go without saying but… the story in the comic differs from the TV show after volume 1.*


and finally… Daytripper.
Probably the best written/drawn graphic novel i’ve read in… who knows how long.
I was blown away from start to finish.
GO READ IT! (hell, i’ll lend you my copy)

Well, that took a little longer than i expected…
I guess this’ll have to be split into a two parter.

See you next time!

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