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Published on August 24th, 2010 | by Robert Franklin


The Against Me! / The Kinch @ The Orpheum 7.15.10

a band has come!
a band that has advertised.
a band that actually showed up.
a band that delivered!!!

haha, just a few months ago we did our podcast where we got drunk and babbled about Flagstaff being able to hold shows like this one.

and July 15th 2010 it happend.



A while back i was hanging out on Facebook one morning when i got the ‘status update’ from The Orpheum…
AGAINST ME! w/ Special Guests.

i started reposting and tried to spread the word as fast as i could.
i also wanted to know who the hell was gonna open.

a week or so later i find out that KINCH is gonna open!

Kinch is a band that is no stranger to Flagstaff.
we’d caught a few of their shows before supporting other AZ bands.
Stiletto Formal (@ the Campus Coffee Bean)
Dear and the Headlights (@ the White Dove)

and every show was amazing!

At the Coffee Bean show, they told the crowd that they released their music FOR FREE on their website.
So, i picked up a copy of Advances and was blown away by how fast I started humming along.
i mean, Stiletto Formal was an awesome band… but i wanted more KINCH.

then a year or so later… came the Dear and the Headlights show.
oh man… that show was great times!
i knew lyrics and was able to sing along.
and DATH knocked it out of the park!

and now… Kinch is in Flagstaff w/ Against Me!
a few EP’s and a Remix/Rarities album later…
they’re ready to take front and center!

i was actually able to get a few words w/ Brian from Kinch @ the Stage Left Sub Shop just before the show.
and he hooked up some free tix for friends/fans that i could find who needed them.

audio link to interview. (posted earlier)

you can follow Kinch on Twitter/Myspace/Facebook.
And they are a band you can still talk to directly…
so… you should probably do that before they get big and don’t talk to anyone… lol.

finally after months…

Vampirates were on the stage as we entered.
they were…
raw energy…
kinda like when a 3rd grader picks up a guitar for the first time…
but it was cool to see the brown kids represent their tight jeans and studded jackets by moshing like it was 1995.

up next… sadly was a band i didn’t catch the name of… and i didn’t see a merch booth for them.
so… i don’t know their name.
sorry… it’s a blog… not a review for some paper. lol.
they were lukewarm pop/punk/rock


And then KINCH!


dudes i’d seen just minutes before.
it was cool.
They rolled through classics and 2 songs i hadn’t heard before.
i did hear one of the lyrics pop out about “navajo reservation”
my pride showed through a little bit with a “woo!” i felt corny… haha.


after their set i enjoyed hearing the kids talking about how awesome they were.
and that you could find them on iTunes.
“KINCH… K-I-N-C-H… they’re on iTunes!”
“oh, ok”
i didn’t wanna be all “you can download all their stuff for free on their website”
haha… i’m sure their parents could afford buying their music.



months of waiting.
and this.









i noticed that Andrew wasn’t there on his bass…
i later looked him up and found that he became a dad!
so all is forgiven. lol.

now… why is it that… there is always a big sweaty native dude…
and it either goes one of 2 ways.
either he’s super cool and there for the music and the good times.
he’s super drunk, dropping beer farts everywhere, sweating all over your eyes, yelling dumb shite then patting himself on the back…

this guy was a latter…

i’m pretty sure i’d seen him at other shows.
i know his snarky face… haha!

luckily the pit grew and i moved ‘stage left’ of him.
i really tried to stay in a long as i could.

Pit behavior is always something… I kinda wish I could document·
Haha, there was this dude in there holding his girlfriend…
it was weird.
he was holding from behind…
and in small bursts would just sorta…
wood pecker into her back side…
is that a thing now?
Tahana we’ll try this next time!

eventually i had to leave the pit.
Utah wore sandals to the show…. lol!
and i had my glasses on… ARGH!!
after they got knocked off my head by a surfer…
i was out.
there was this moment of…
“i could just fix them with tape”
“this is an awesome spot”
“what if the lenses get scratched?”
“can you afford to buy new ones?”
and i was out.

so we finished up standing in the back.
i saw the crowd…
it was probably the biggest show i’d seen at The Orpheum.
although, i don’t go to the shows there often…
i’m sure Bizzy Bone and The Green Valley Fingerpickers United Family Jam Band probably bring in legions of fans.

they did an encore.
“through the best of times. through worst of times. through Nixon and through Bush”
and it was over…

i walked out seeing my friend standing by the door…
haha, we didn’t really talk much but… he got it.
his voice was gone.
sweaty and roughed up.

it was done.
Against Me had come and gone from Flagstaff.

probably one of the greatest days of my life thus far.

i really really really wish my friends who got me into them in the first place would’ve been able to make it out! oh well.

next time?

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